Sunday, 28 February 2010

Living with great patterns

Today I want to show you an amazing Danish company called "Ferm Living". They have wallpapers, cushions, wall-stickers, some fabrics for the kitchen and accessories. All with great taste and with a special interest into kids patterns which make wanna have kids. Ok, not kids of my own but maybe do other's kids bedrooms:)The first three images show pillows, kids bedding ans wallpapers. Animals, robots and cars made with taste and interesting enough to captivate kids attention.This is a great wallpaper with the "closet/fashion" theme without being to dominant, specially if we are talking about small and interior rooms.The funky one, just B&W, ready for some glitter or just some pop and colourful furniture around.
This one makes think about winter in a very smooth way. It's not totally could, it's an interesting and warm blue if that's possible.This last one remembers me of my grandmother's kitchen floor but with great colours. Geometric patterns can make a room feel bigger and give a sense of order. Don't forget though, that wallpapers with patterns can dominate a wall/room, so you have to be careful not to clash objects, fabrics and furniture with it, and find a good balance between the dominance and the focus on the wallpaper.

They also have a new catalogue, see it here

All images from Ferm Living

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