Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Small and charming 50m2 studio

Simple, practical and livable. Is it a small studio? Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't live comfortable with everything you need. And there's tecnology, the kind of tech that doesn't scream in a house but helps us to live better (or so we like to think).
This house is in Houston, Texas. This apartment has around 50m2 (500 sq feet) and is a good example of a flexible living space. It's not cramped and the neutrals help to open up the areas.Big windows are always a must. Light is the best friend of interior design (you can quote me on that hahaha). An in here we have big windows on both sides of the studio.Details like vintage technology and cute accessories can say a lot about you. Be picky with what you choose to stay and radical with what just sits there. There's no space for everything and in a house like this you must be relentless.This sheer panel above looks like a great invention if we forget that from the bed subtitles will be confusing but still as a two-sided projector screen it's an awesome idea. It also divides the living room from the bedroom without closing the space.Details well photographed=drool:)And again another example of vintage technology, neutral colours and a print that does not come too strong and it's interesting enough to look at.At this point I was wondering if apartment's owner didn't have any books. Nice rug on the lower right. We can also see the night stand near the bed which is just a floating shelf, great to clean and to keep the space open.I like the idea of having a map framed when it means something to you. And books, more books:)The sleeping area is specially interesting because the wallpaper of bricks. It defines that zone giving it character while we barely see it from de living space.
I bet that's a sofa bed and if it isn't, it should definitely be. Great for guests, we all need an extra bed sometimes.About this iamge I just want to say that this work table is adorable and that I want it. Not a big fan of the orange sun up there, no.Personally I would have a more white, black, wood and strong accents of colour type of studio, but I definitely recognize that this studio seems to work for the owner and if that's true then it's great interior design.
Would you live here?

More info and images at apartment therapy

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  1. Studios are very interesting to design because everything should find its place in just one room. I believe this has happened here and therefore it's good! My apartment is no bigger than this but my kitchen is separate from the bedroom and this makes it a bit harder to arrange.


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