Saturday, 29 May 2010

Last day

Today was my last day in the internship at Maxima Interiores (Portuguese interior design magazine).
After almost 7 months I can only say that  it was truly rewarding to learn with the people I learn with and to see my hard work and effort recognized and appreciated. I couldn't ask for more.
I know I did my best when my best was asked but I also know I was pretty lucky to find the support I got from the magazine team.
When I went to London for the first time almost one year ago to KLC I knew change was coming but I couldn't really see the doors that would open up for me. I was not that sure it would be enough but sometimes all you need is a chance to show what you can do and even maybe surprise yourself. 
I'm really happy with what started to happen since last year and just hope that this train doesn't stop. Lets see what comes next:)

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  1. Hey Sofia!!!

    I want to start of by saying thanks sweet for the blog award :D So sweet of you.

    Your blog looks really neat after the re-design :)

    Wow your internship sounds pretty cool. I am sure this will lead to a lot of opportunities.

    All the best!


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