Saturday, 3 July 2010

Free time

On my last post I wrote that the 29th of May was my last day at the internship but it wasn't true, it lasted around two weeks more and I'm sharing this so you'll understand how deadlines and working in a magazine can be. If there's work to be done, someone will have to do it because in the end of the month the magazine has to be out. And it is now. For the Portuguese readers you may see my last collaboration with Máxima Interiores in the last issue already available for purchase:)
But now it seems I'm on holidays and that means free time to blog and to put into practice some projects around the house. I have a cabinet/desk that will be my workspace, bought on a 2nd hand furniture store but I need to paint it and my idea is to make a photo coverage of the process and share it with you;)
I'm also interested about the psychology and sociology of space and would like to share some thoughts about that because interior design is much more than pretty furniture and colour trends (feel my disdain?:P).
These images are from decor8 and illustrate some workspaces ideas. I love the dots wallpaper above and the white mood with feminine accents of the first image. Ideas for my workspace makeover are needed:)

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  1. Yay, you're back!! Your internship sounds really intriguing, although it sounds a bit stressful as well, but yeah, I hope in the end you were happy with your work and that's what counts, right? This reminds me of an awesome "lecture" by Elizabeth Gilbert that I find very inspiring:

    Oh, and I'd LOVE to see your new project :) Good luck! xo


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