Monday, 11 July 2011

One day I'll tell to my daughter...

Dear future daughter:

Life is complex and full of layers. Learn that nothing is in black and white, the truth is always more complicated than that. And if someone tells you otherwise believe they will learn from experience how wrong they are. Be aware of how important is to think about what's going inside of you. If something feels wrong, maybe that's because it is wrong for you. And when feeling bad, dance and sing no matter how badly you sound. Punch a pillow when angry or talk to yourself. You're not crazy and it will save me on the psychiatrist bills. Stretch. Never leave the house without eating breakfast. Try whatever you want to try but don't be arrogant to the point of thinking you know it all. you don't.
Remember that no one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes but the golden rule is to understand what you did, why you did it and apologise. In case you didn't get it I'll say again, apologise and mean it! Saying you're sorry is like building a new bridge to the other person's heart. You gain in dignity and integrity when you're big enough to recognize you acted foolishly. And don't be a bitch unless on really special occasions and you'll know which ones when the time is right. Respect elders and pass that on to your kids. Learn from your mistakes but don't be too harsh on yourself; we are here to learn, just don't do the same mistake twice, that's stupid. Don't be afraid to give yourself to people, if they hurt you, cry and learn from it but don't close yourself because there's lots of hugs and kisses to give and receive in this life. Rainy days can be improved by wearing purple rainy boots. Another important thing you should know is that saying "no" is a valuable asset and people will respect you more because of it. If he is in love with you he won't notice you're having a bad hair day, so relax. Oh and by the way, the first kiss is overrated. Try again if it does not go that well the first time. The secret? Practice. But when you like someone and kiss that person for the first time it's always like a first kiss and it's OK to be nervous, just don't think to much about it, just do it. Having fun is better when shared. Oh let's dance in the living room! Remember: NEVER wear two pieces of denim in one outfit. And I insist on it, NEVER. Friends make a huge difference in life, for better, much better. And don't let the dishes accumulate in the sink. And cake's better when less cooked. Learn that "please", "thank you" and a smile can make miracles in many different occasions. If you don't know where your keys are, pretend you're entering the house again and do what you would naturally do. Yeah they are probably under a magazine. NEVER, but NEVER rip pages of my interior design magazines. I'm warning you lady! 

But the most important thing is that... when in doubt, always choose a strawberry ice cream;)

Inspired by the cute photo :)
Update: and by the lyrics of "Everybody's free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Baz Lhurmann 


  1. "And trust me on the sunscreen"

  2. Wow, I didn't notice that until you write it:/ That so is such an influence... I even used the "Stretch":/ And I was thinking about yoga.

  3. Real nice interpretation! It's a Kurt Vonnegut's speech actually.

  4. i loved it. really really loved it.


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