Thursday, 6 May 2010

Scandinavian house

If there's a "rule" you can trust about having a lighter room is using white in big quantities. I do not hide my love for the Scandinavian design and interiors and the house I bring reflects the best of the best: wood floors, white walls, books, art, personal clutter and pieces of colour strategically positioned along the rooms.
I have to thank Bolig Magasinet for showing us houses like this and of course, google translator:P
This house suffered a renovation and most of the walls were demolished to open up the space and receive more light. The roof was also replaced and skylights were added.
The bright light was balanced with grey kitchen cabinets and details of black - IKEA bench and frames. I find the "bits of papers" board interesting because it feels to me like a collection.
The living room is large and its windows face the garden. The bookcase stores finds, books and magazines. The lamp on it was from the owner grandfather. The Eames LCW chair goes well with the soft tones of the room and it almost matches the yellow pillow. I like the whole mood but I miss a rug on that floor though.
Now look at the ceiling of this room. A star! This is a star shaped stucco rosette, typical from the functionalism period. How amazing is this detail?!
In this simple bedroom we have a good idea. Using wallpaper as a headboard can work really well, but to avoid overdoing it (wallpaper can close up a room) limit the wallpaper to a smaller area using a shelf. In this case the shelf is also a nightstand. .

This last room almost feel like an orangery and it has a reading room mood. The circle window adds a touch of interest but in here the books are the focal point. It it a great idea when you want to fee space on the floor to built shelves on top of windows, but only when the space is reach in light.

Would you live here?
I certainly would:)

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