Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sexy packaging

I guess I'm inspired by the sexy theme and for me, this packaging oozes sensuality. The black with the colourful typography works for me. Black used in food packaging suggests that a product is gourmet, with quality.

“A re-branded food range that echo the store’s forward thinking and contemporary attitude towards retail. Although there were over 100 own brand products within the store it was somewhat unrecognisable and lacked shelf presence. Our approach was to create a range that was unique; that did not follow any traditional sector cues. Colour coding everything black would make an incredible statement with only the type to reflect what was inside for example strawberry jam would have pink type. The typeface used was trade gothic range left and all the same point size across the range where possible. This ensured clarity and uniformity.”

Design by Dave Richmond for Selfridges & Co

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