Monday, 18 July 2011

The story of the co-founder of Apartment Therapy

Knowing successful paths in the creative industry is most of the times truly inspiring. Not everybody knows what to do professionally when it's time to choose, and some of them discover their vocations by accident after doing many different things. I believe that sharing the different ways that lead people to success is important for the ones like me and maybe you, not sure of how thinks will work out. There's a big amount of luck, but an even bigger portion that depends on hard-work.

The video I bring today is from the Creative Mornings, an initiative from swissmiss, where creative people are invited as speakers to share what they do, how they did get there and their creative process.

In this video the speaker is Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, the co-founder of the famous Apartment Therapy website. This is an interesting video not only because he explains how the website grew, but also because of his path and what he believes which has a lot to do with my own convictions about interior design. He was a Waldorf teacher and his students houses were his inspiration to help people to have better houses because he found that the students with the most comfortable and inviting houses were better students. This was the start of his new career.

2010/03 Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

How interesting was this to you?

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