Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Helsinki 35m2 apartment

Small and beautiful (and organized). This is so hard to achieve. I should know because my attic has about the same size but let me tell that the slope ceileings don't help:P
The images of this post (taken by the photographer Maarit Hohteri) are from Design*Sponge and show a 35m2 apartment from Helsinki. It belongs to a grahic designer, Lotta Nieminen. 

One of the interesting things about this Design*Sponge's post is that the owner of the apartment shares information about the story of the furniture that are present in the photos. Knowing this is a real home also adds a human touch that some of the photos of houses thar appear in magazines don't have. I find that really charming.
 About this small bookshelf: "I saw the bookshelf in the window of a thrift store one morning on my way to work. I bought it and dragged it home with the help of a co-worker during lunch break."
 "I’m addicted to magazines, and am notorious for storing big cardboard boxes full of old issues at the attic – throwing them away has seemed impossible.  The ladder used to serve to climb in the bunk bed we shared with my little sister when we were little. Nowadays it serves as a rack for belts and gloves. The wooden archive boxes used to be my grandfather’s, who worked many years as a personnel manager."
"This old medicine cabinet is from my grandparent’s cottage near Turku, a city on the northwest coast of Finland. I use it as a nightstand. The thing that made me fall in love with this apartment was the amazing sunlight pouring in through the windows."
"The flat is small, so a big mirror adds an impression of extra space to the 375 square feet. I had been looking for a simple bedspread for ages, but only seemed to find very decorative or colourful ones. During a holiday in Portugal, I finally got my hands on this simple black and white one. It’s from Area, an interior decoration shop in Lisbon." Yeah she was already in Portugal and Area for the ones who don't know used to be an Habitat store.
"I got this wooden cupboard from a friend, who was cutting her impressive collection of thrifted furniture finds. Instead of repainting it, I added a layer of varnish to preserve the worn feel. I use it to store books and display my favourite shoes."
I'm in love with this cabinet❤ "The cabinet is on loan from a friend who couldn’t fit it in her new apartment. It’s very old and the back is almost split, so can’t be nailed to the wall like it was built to: it’s on the floor mainly for safety reasons."
"I work from home a lot, and have turned this corner into my office. A pretty workspace keeps me inspired. The framed poster is an ad for the Helsinki Comic Festival, designed by Jenni Rope. I snatched it from a bar’s bulletin board a couple of years ago."

How lovely is this house for a single person?:)

More images here and full text here.

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