Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello dear readers:)

It's been a long time since last post and I'm sorry for that. But right now I don't find the motivation and the time needed to post at the rhythm I wanted. Also, I tried a new way of collecting inspiring images that seems to work better than blogspot at this moment. At ❤ interiors porn, my tumblr page you can find images of interiors I love, quotes and thoughts. I'm still testing to see how practical it is to use, but so far so good.
The thing is, I do research for images and info about interior design, but to write about it demands another type of approach I can't have at this moment.

This is not a goodbye, it's more like cya later:)

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  1. Oh, but we would love to see you here, even if it's just a photo or two :) I understand though, I stopped blogging for a while and after that it is so hard to get back into the daily schedule! Hope to see you around more often, until then I'm heading to your Tumblr :) xoxo


Weeee!!! A new comment:D